Automated Multi-Channel Fiber Array Alignment

Fast Active Alignment – Simultaneous Positioning in 6 DOF – Custom Degree of Automation

The worldwide appetite for data is growing exponentially, driven by countless applications such as mobile computing, IoT or video streaming - to name but a few. Photonics-based computing offers significant advantages in terms of lower energy consumption and faster data transmission. Cost-effective mass production of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) requires precise positioning and high alignment speed when it comes to wafer-probing, fiber-chip coupling, and packaging. The setup for multi-channel automated fiber assembly, based on the proven double-sided F-712.HA2 fiber alignment system and PI´s multi-axis gantry system, offers an idea for further workflow automation.

Motion Control

PI's modular hardware and ACS EtherCAT-based controller architecture allow OEMs to construct really high performance and safe automation assemblies of arbitrary complexity. Alternatively, PI's Engineered Subsystems Group stands ready to assemble and ship custom automation subassemblies like the one demonstrated here - ideal for OEMs preferring to focus on their value-added.

Key Features of the Gantry System for Pick-and-Place

  • High mechanical stability
  • High dynamic precision positioning in three axes
  • Linear motors or brushless drives (optionally with air bearings)
  • Wide range of designs (drive systems, bearings, encoders …) and specifications (velocity, acceleration, travel ranges …)

Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System F-712 HA2

  • H-811 Hexapod combined with the P-616 NanoCube® Nanopositioner for Parallel-kinematic motion in three degrees of freedom
  • Integrated scan routines for fiber optic alignment
  • Firmware based parallel gradient search algorithm included
  • Automatic alignment of several fibers / fiber arrays in < 0.5 s

F-712.PM1 Optical Power Meter

  • Conversion of optical signal into a voltage signal
  • Additional current input
  • From 400 nm to 1550 nm
  • Signal bandwidth: 20 kHz
  • Precise logarithmical output

System in Motion

Further Applications for the F-712 System Family and the Gantry Concept


White Paper

Enabling Large-Format Industrial Productivity

Award-Winning PI Fast Alignment Technology Comes to ACS Controls

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WP4023E 2019-06
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