Laser Seam Welding of Electronic Packages Using Galvo Scanners

Enhanced Control of Laser Position

For the safe and reliable operation of sensitive electronic components or assemblies, the components’ housing must be sealed hermetically to protect the microsystem from damage caused by contaminants seeping in. Using lasers for seam formation enables high welding speeds, as well as fine welding seams with narrow welding radiuses. Laser welding also avoids stressing the housing either thermally or mechanically.

One of the methods used in laser seam welding is to move the workpiece to be welded under a laser galvo scanner head. The galvo scanner provides numerous additional control features, for example, expanding the laser source’s effective fine spot size to the seam width, laying a complex welding pattern over the motion path to create high-quality welds, increasing throughput, and taking advantage of higher power laser sources. To help unleash the full potential of galvo scanners for laser seam welding, PI offers high-precision motion control solutions, including special software to simplify integrating galvo scanners and laser devices into motion platforms.

Key Features of the Motion Solution

Variable seam width control​
Usage of fine spot size lasers​
Adjustable process control to shape the wobble pattern and frequency​
Highly accurate weld path​
High welding quality​
High throughput ​
Easy scanner integration

Z Axis – Control of Galvo Scanner’s Vertical Height to Maintain Laser Spot Size

  • Precision ball screw linear stage with servo motor and holding brake for reliable operation under high loads
  • Absolute encoders avoid workpiece collisions
  • Folded drivetrain reduces installation space
  • Extensive mounting options for galvo integration
  • Economically priced with fast delivery
    >> L-812 High-Load Linear Stage

XY Axis – Repeatable Motion of the Workpiece to Ensure Dependable Results

  • Servo motor-driven ball screw linear stages for high-speed and precision
  • Absolute encoders avoid referencing and ensure safety during operation
  • Low XY profile and folded drivetrain reduce installation space
  • XY drag chain cable management protects during processing and prolongs lifetime
    >> L-812 High-Load Linear Stage

Flexible and Easy Automation Control

  • EtherCAT® motion control and drive modules provide open network connectivity
    >> G-901 Motion Controller
  • Extensive galvo integration options
  • Extensive programming environment and support for higher level languages
  • Flexible CAD-to-motion import
    >> SPC CAD/CAM Software
  • Autofocus capabilities of the controller for dynamic focus adjustment
  • Look-ahead capability adjusts velocity to maintain accuracy
  • Easy programming of motion path including G-Code

System in Motion

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