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PI Blog – How PI supports customers in Thailand

How PI supports customers in Thailand

Local support and success stories

We introduce our field sales engineer based in Thailand, hear his insights for the local market and share success stories of Thai customers.

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Pi Blog – How PI is helping to unlock the sun's secrets

Some Like it Hot

How PI Is Helping to Unlock the Sun's Secrets

The Solar Orbiter space probe begun its journey in February 2020. Also on board: A tip/tilt unit from PI for the secondary mirror of one of the central experiments, the Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (PHI).

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Pi Blog – Smart vaccine patch production with piezo elements

Smart Vaccine Patch Production with Piezo Elements

Fight Against COVID-19

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, modern vaccination technologies are gaining importance as they promise to protect the world population from future pandemics. Vaccine patches are one of these next generation applications and piezo components or actuators can be used to precisely dispense tiniest droplets on the microneedles.

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PI Blog – Ultrasonic metering in intensive care devices

Ultrasonic Metering in Intensive Care Devices

Fight Against COVID-19

Viruses and other infections particularly affect people with pre-existing conditions such as renal or cardiovascular diseases. In regard to the treatment and therapy of such illnesses, the demands on the medical devices used are ever increasing. Piezo technology offers various possibilities to improve them: Using piezo transducers, for example, makes intensive care devices such as infusion systems...

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