PiezoMike Linear Actuators

Minimum Dimensions, High Forces, Stable Positioning

Minimum Dimensions, High Forces, Stable Positioning

  • Holding force >100 N, feed force 22 N
  • Travel range 7.4 mm to 26 mm, step size 20 nm
  • Lifetime >1,000,000,000 steps
  • Self-locking when at rest, no heat generation
  • Nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible operating principle

Simple Integration of PiezoMike Linear Actuators

PiezoMike linear actuators can be easily integrated into conventional tip/tilt mirror mounts or stages and allow automated adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components.

It comes with a mounting thread or shank for installation into the existing application environment.

High Resolution and Positional Stability: Characteristics of the PiezoMike

The linear actuator has a motion resolution of typically 20 nm and can align optical components with high precision. In addition, its piezo-based drive is very compact, making the PiezoMike currently the smallest linear actuator of its performance class.

The PiezoMike linear actuator keeps a position with long-term stability, is vibration proof and shock resistant. It provides a holding force of >100 N and a feed force of >20 N, making it the ideal choice for "set-and-forget" applications.

Operating Principle of the PiezoMike

Like the directly driven >> Piezo Inertia Drives, the driving principle of the PiezoMike is also based on the inertia effect.

The piezo actuator slowly expands when an electric voltage is applied. This expansion leads to a rotation of the claw. Since the claw grasps around the screw, the claw turns the screw when it rotates. Once the piezo actuator has reached its maximum expansion, it quickly contracts and the claw returns to its initial position. As it quickly contracts, the claw slips around the screw. The screw, however, remains in its initial position, due to its mass inertia.

This cycle can be repeated at any time to achieve the desired feed forward of the output by turning the screw. This principle allows the motion also to run in the opposite direction.

1,000,000,000 Cycles: Simply Reliable

PiezoMike linear actuators run a billion steps, 20 meters or turn the screw 20,000 times. PI has specified the lifetime so that after this operating time, the initial step size will decrease by a maximum of 30 %. Even after longer downtimes, the N-470 ensures a reliable start-up.

Recommended Operation

The maximum control frequency of PiezoMike is 2 kHz, generating heat within the drive and the control electronics. It is therefore particularly important to observe the recommended operating cycles as a function of the duty cycle and control frequency, in order to avoid damaging the drive (data given are for 1013 hPa).

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N-470 PiezoMike Linear Actuator

Minimum Dimensions, High Forces, Stable Positioning

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N-472 PiezoMike Linear Actuator

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