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Our Motivation

Over the last five decades, PI (Physik Instrumente) has developed into the leading manufacturer of nanopositioning technology. The key element and motivation of the entrepreneurial behavior have always remained the same: Finding the best possible solution for the customer.

PI is well known for the quality of its products and has been one of the leading players in the global market for precision positioning technology for many years. One of the most important building blocks for this is the team spirit within the international PI family, which is based on mutual understanding and support that goes beyond international borders and functional restrictions.

PI is a privately owned company with healthy growth, more than 1000 employees worldwide and a flexible, vertically integrated organization, which enables PI to fulfill almost any request in the field of innovative precision positioning technology. The foremost priority for PI is to be a reliable and highly qualified partner for the customer.

Markus Spanner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Long-term business relationships, reliability, and open and friendly communication with customers and suppliers form an important mainstay for PI – more important than short-term gain.

Markus Spanner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Service and Consulting as Flexible as Your Technical Solution

The PI Group can respond precisely to what customers want: Specific requirements can often only be satisfied by customized solutions - solutions that can only be found by unconventional and creative thinking.

That Means for the Customer:

  • Individual consultation from trained specialists
  • Sustainable spare parts service and the ability to supply
  • Qualification for every positioning system that is dispatched
  • On-site training and individual support
  • Aftersales service
  • International support

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Engineering Expertise

All key technologies are developed in-house. The technology range at PI allows employees to develop their passion for technology to the full. From precision mechanics and electronics to position sensor technology and piezo ceramic and actuators that are developed at PI Ceramic. The development of technology ranges from the basics to application-specific versions; the best possible solution results from the technical potential, which comes from the know-how accumulated over many years as well as the corresponding production capacity.

The new Technology Center, inaugurated in 2017, extended and focused the capacity and expertise in development and construction.

Vertical Production Range and Production Capacity

A modern production management and an integrated management system allow PI to guarantee the high quality of its products, processes, and services.

The continual improvement of organization and processes is an integral part of the corporate culture. KAIZEN workshops and an active innovation management are important elements for achieving this.

The production processes for the standard range are made flexible by the fractal production structure and it is therefore possible to manufacture even large series with full process control.

Active, system-based requirements management makes it possible to dispense with comprehensive storage facilities.


The product spectrum ranging from the two-ton hexapod to the 10-gram nanopositioner requires PI to have the equipment and technologies at its disposal that allow the systems to be manufactured, assembled, and qualified.

13.000 m² production area
Vacuum technology
In-house production of position sensors
Climate and vibration-isolated measurement conditions
Metrology using traceable, external calibrated measurement devices
Heavy-load hall with lifting and rotating device
5.000 m² clean room for production
Monitoring of piezo actuator technology from material composition to final inspection
Organization in fractal manufacturing

Development and Production Sites Worldwide

Our Core Competencies